If you look around today it’s easy to see that we live in the worlbmw-vision-future-luxury-concept-interior-5-1500x1000-1500x1000d of the future. All an observer has to do is look at how much of the technology we use today seems to have been inspired by the science fiction of past decades. From wireless Internet to sub-orbital flight, we have made our homes in the world of tomorrow.


Everyday Miracles

It’s easy to look at the technology we use every day and forget how amazing it would have been even four or five years ago to say nothing of ten or twenty years ago. Cellular phones that can perform all the functions of laptop computers, while boasting high quality digital cameras and video with on-board editing capabilities are just the start. Remote monitoring of security systems used to be something for fictional spy novels, and automated homes were found only on the Jetsons. Nowadays these things are both fairly common, and growing even more so among several walks of life (not just the wealthy who can afford bleeding edge technology).


Future Technology Today

While the every day wonders that we carry around in our pockets might not seem particularly noteworidigitsthy, Jason Hope¬†has pointed out that there are plenty of other things that can bring out wonder in all of us. Cybernetic prosthetic limbs¬†were something seen only in science fiction, but today they’re becoming a reality for amputees all over the world. Dental drills were thought to be the absolute edge of sophistication, but now they’re being replaced be dental lasers. The same is true of surgery that leaves barely any scars, but can remove tumors with the aid of robotic tools. In short things that would once have been possible only on the big screen and in novels are now the every day realities of how the world we live in actually works.


What’s Around The Bend?

What kind of technology is coming next is something lots of people are speculating on. There’s talk, for instance, of processes that can turn greenhouse gases into strong, cheap, lightweight plastic so that petroleum feedstocks never have to be used again. It’s possible that cars of the future will run off electricity produced by sunlight, and that biodiesel will be produced from algae that takes up only 2 percent of the land in the entire United States. As technology becomes smaller, more advanced, and more efficient there’s no telling what miracles are waiting just around the bend. If advancement continues the way it’s looking though the future might be something that we can’t possibly imagine from where we’re all sitting right now.